I spent much of my career as a social service worker, working in women’s services on the front line.  It was during this time I began to discover more so how social disparities affected many of my client’s ability to receive appropriate care.  All too often, I witnessed clients attempting to access treatment at hospitals or clinics for various conditions only to have their health concerns minimized or not taken seriously, especially those who were women.  This, mixed with my own diagnosis of chronic migraine early in my career inspired me to engage in scholarship to bring attention to this condition, its social and emotional significance, the complex pathways to its diagnosis and treatment and to address health policy that may hinder patient experience. 


My Passion

Professionally, I am passionate about working alongside individuals as they work towards reaching their goals.  My practice is not prescriptive, meaning I value my clients right to self determination and prefer to accompany them on their journey as a source of support and ally.  My goals are to help my clients thrive, build on their inner/outer resources and be there to cheer them on.

Outside of practice, I am passionate about advocacy initiatives surrounding Migraine care as well as improving care outcomes for marginalized patients who are challenged by marginalized health conditions. My PhD research is focused on looking at the social organization of Migraine care in Ontario Canada. I want to understand how our health system works in order to identify where practice and policy is failing patients. I operate a free, peer led support group for Migraine patients in the Hamilton, Ontario area and am working on some online initiatives to bring about more support for those who struggle with this disability.

My Goals

I strongly believe that there is power in numbers and that building community is key to addressing various social conditions.  My primary responsibilities are towards my clients in professional practice, and to my research which I hope can be taken up by patient advocates to enact health policy change.